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“This Is The Most Powerful & Effective Way To Master
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Introducing Vinney's 2020 Mastermind Group Coaching Elite Academy!

“Vinney Chopra is one of the most knowledgeable and generous mentors in the Multifamily Syndication space. His experience is invaluable, and he is generous with that knowledge imparting it freely. IMO he is the best single source for this type of information to be found anywhere.” – Stephen D.

Hello. Meet Vinney (Mr.Smiles)

Vinney Chopra is a sought after Multi-Family Syndication Expert that has appeared on numerous podcasts and a crossed social media to share his experiences and expertise. Over the past 12 years he has honed his skills- he has done 28 successful Syndications, 13 of those being in past 2.5 years! He has achieved enormous success controlling over $330 million in this niche market. He and his 67 professional full-time team members manage all assets from acquisition to disposal. Vinney is both the CEO of Moneil Investment group which oversees the syndications, as well as the CEO of Moneil Management who manages the properties. Vinney uses his proven ideas and techniques for Multi-Family Syndication that has helped him grow his business exponentially over the years.

The Man Who Started With $7 and Turned It Into $330,000,000

- All Thanks to Multifamily Real Estate -

How would you like to follow in his footsteps and learn DIRECTLY from the man himself?

Now’s your rare opportunity.

But before we dive into that, who is Vinney anyway? And why should you trust and listen to what he has to say when it comes to Multifamily real estate? 

Vinney Chopra has become one of the very best in the Multifamily real estate business. He’s not only become a savvy and smart Multifamily investor, but he’s also an amazing mentor, motivator, educator, podcaster and author. But it didn’t happen overnight… 

Over 40 years ago, Vinney made the journey from India to the United States with nothing more than $7 in his pocket. But what he did have was a dream. He also had determination, a willingness to learn, work hard and do what he needed to achieve success.

Vinney got his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and then moved on to George Washington University seeking his MBA in Marketing and Advertising. In order to support his education, Vinney worked hard by selling Bibles and other educational books door-to-door. He excelled in both his selling abilities as well as in the classroom, becoming natural at both.

He quickly became known as “Mr. Smiles” because of his friendly demeanor, his positivity, and his unique ability to influence those around him in selfless and inspiring ways.

Because of his unique nature and abilities, Vinney became passionate about sales and marketing. He decided to leave engineering to become an expert in multifamily real estate, as well as a motivational speaker and fundraiser 

His achievements have been nothing short of extra-ordinary. He has over 3 decades of vast experience as a consultant, speaker, syndicator as well as a $300+ million dollar portfolio in multifamily real estate with over 3800+ units managed. Investment returns have averaged between 18% to 43%. He owns his own property management company with over 60+ loyal personnel and manages four successful companies. 

In the field of motivational speaking, Vinney has given over 10,000+ speeches that have kickstarted the successful careers of many people looking to get into real estate.

Vinney has become a true master of success in marketing, real estate investing, and motivational speaking. He is living proof that mixing passion, persistence, and positivity with the right knowledge can make you wealthy both financially and also in life itself. 

If you’re looking for your own “guiding light” to success, why not learn
from one of the very best when it comes to Multifamily Real Estate?

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Introducing Vinney's 2020 Mastermind Group Coaching Elite Academy!

As they say, “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel”.

When it comes to Multifamily Real Estate, this same saying applies. 

If you want to pave the path to real success in this industry, the FASTEST way to be successful is to simply learn directly from the very best who’ve already achieved exactly what you’d like to achieve.  

Now thanks to Vinney’s High Achievers Personal Coaching & Mentoring 52-Week Program, you can do just that.

Not only will you get direct access to Vinney himself for 52 full weeks (where you can ask whatever you need), you’ll get full access to Vinney’s Multifamily Academy.

This will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about Multifamily real estate.

Here's a Quick ‘Sneak Peek’ At What You’ll Discover Inside The Academy…

  • Get full access to Vinney's extensive and highly informative lectures that define Multifamily systems, structures, terms, knowledge and philosophies (from the very beginning) to eventually learning how to close deals in a very successful way!
  • Discover Vinney's own ‘golden methods’ that generate profitable results! This includes buying off-market deals, networking tactics, how to approach and setup campaigns and even unique relationship-building techniques!
  • Learn Vinney’s sophisticated Acquisition Underwriting that helps trigger the purchase and also helps put the investment packet together for investors very easily! The original will be provided along with samples, as well as an extensive video recording that you can keep and use for practice!
  • Get full access to live and recorded lectures directly from Vinney himself (coaching personally) all in Real-Time! Each week Vinney holds a Zoom video webinar at 4-5:30 pm PST (sometimes this lasts up to 6 pm) from his studio office in the San Francisco area.

  • Enjoy the Facebook Live "Vinney And Beau show" every Friday morning at 10 am PST. You’ll get fresh new content with live updates from discussions with Vinney and Beau as well as new strategies that are helping real estate investors and their businesses grow and prosper!

  • Get full access to Vinney's successful elevator pitches and useful brochures. All templates can be customized and personalized. Use them right away and without spending hundreds of hours or thousands of wasted dollars in creating them from scratch. These include: LOI, Due Diligence Lists, Asset Take-Over Lists, and more to crush it in the art of deal-making!

  • Discover Vinney's proven systems to get quality investors and learn how to build fruitful relationships. Also learn proper communication methods and get access to useful templates. He just recorded the OPM (Other Peoples Money) Capital Raising Blueprint Course and now you’ll get it all right inside the academy!
  • Get full access to Vinney’s Multifamily Management software introduction training and learn what it really takes to run a smooth operation. You’ll also learn more about Vinney’s Accounting Department and specific Legal Team structures!

  • Get a much closer and detailed look into Vinney's Champion Accounting Department and their crucial role. We are fully committed to adding even more lectures on this aspect of the business that is absolutely crucial if you want to be successful!
  • Discover digital marketing methods and powerful tools that make MONEIL COMMUNITIES and MONEIL Investments become an even greater member of their local communities!

  • Get full access to the lenders, attorneys, entity structures, syndication's, virtual assistants and much more PLUS all contact info and their vital roles. GOOD VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS CAN SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY! Connect with all the companies that Vinney has been working with that are already vetted and fully researched!
  • Get full access to Vinney's "Focus & Motivation" lectures along with his live coaching and mentoring sessions. These alone are worth every single penny of your investment!

  • Get exclusive access to his Facebook group that’s full of like-minded investors just like yourself who are all working as a team towards the same common goal! Make friendships that can last a lifetime!
  • Get full access to numerous professionally designed templates, graphs, booklets, forms, templates, brochures forms, etc. These will save you a ton of time, money and stress!

  • Learn how to finance your very own real estate investments, even if you have zero money or lack experience. We'll teach you exactly how to pool money the right way!
  • Learn how to find the best deals in real estate, including the exact locations in the US that Vinney's team thinks are the very best for real estate investing RIGHT NOW. Plus, find out what geological areas you should avoid investing in. This is critical!
  • How to correctly calculate the right math for making important real estate investment decisions, so you can lower the chances of losing your money every single time! This is an essential skill that will serve you well for your entire career!
  • Get full access to 8-weeks of Vinney’s prior recordings of his training mastermind (two special bonus occurrences are also included)!
  • Learn how to create generous - and 100% legal - tax deductions, so you benefit from some of the best tax breaks ever offered to real estate investors. Second to being a small business owner, real estate investing is one of the best ways to take advantage of legal tax breaks!
  • Learn everything you need to know about Systems for Seller Financing!
  • Find out the right way to structure your real estate investing deals, negotiate the best possible rates, and learn how to lease up to get great residents who cover mortgage and expenses leaving you cash flows each month!
  • Learn how to spot HOT real estate trends so you can capitalize on new real estate opportunities before they're gone (and while they are the most prime for profits!)

  • Find out exactly how Vinney Chopra was able to build a stellar real estate portfolio worth over $300,000,000 from only $7. This information is pure GOLD.
  • Find out how to protect your own real estate properties from natural disasters so you can rebuild for free - or even reinvest into a different property! You’ll want to learn this!

  • Discover multiple key investing principles that will give you the greatest returns on your money (and efforts) for your entire investing career!
  • Learn how to negotiate with the seller and banks, how to acquire a trustable and reliable property manager, and also learn how to determine if you should sell in 3-5 years or if you should hold your property for life!

Vinney has been a motivational speaker for most of his life and his education and trainings have helped many people just like yourself enjoy massive success in Multifamily real estate. Now he wants to help YOU! 


NOTE: You will be challenged, motivated and encouraged through every step. Vinney believes if you take massive action, you’ll get massive results with the exclusive information he will be sharing directly with you! 


This Is The One Single Investment That Contains ALL The Proven Knowledge, Insights, Tools and More To Help Fuel Your Future Success…

Now the final choice is up to you…

When it comes to creating the success you desire in this industry, you can either go at it all alone (which can take years to learn and master) or you can spend 2-3 times more money to get mentoring or coaching from other mentors in the industry who have even less experience and less success than Vinney Chopra.

Not only will your investment in this program cost you less money, but you’ll get proven information, tactics and techniques, useful templates and tools, DIRECTLY from Vinny himself! This is from a man who has built a multi-million-dollar real estate empire, manages 4 successful companies including Moneil Investment Group, and has a rock-solid reputation for teaching and success. 

Your investment to get full access to the entire Vinney's 2020 Mastermind Group Coaching Elite Academy (and very exclusive) Multifamily Academy.

Please book a call with us to find out more.

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Remember, not only do you get access to Vinney himself, but you also get access to coaching sessions, powerful teachings, unique systems, helpful tools and templates, personal advice, insights and so much more. This is the same information that made Vinney a proven success, and now you have the chance to replicate it for yourself.

And last but not least, if you’re on an even tighter budget, we also offer Vinney’s Multifamily Academy all by itself for only $2,497.

One thing Vinney prides himself on is only providing ‘no fluff’ education.
Everything is straight to the point and will help you get
your career off and running from the ground up!

If you should have any questions or concerns about anything regarding Vinney or his offerings, please be sure to reach out to Jon at [email protected]  
Cheers to your success!

Hear him now.

Vinney has appeared on over 80 top podcasts to share his expertise in Multi-Family Syndication and also has launched his own podcast. Click below to listen to his philosophies & ideas. Vinney is also an international best seller! Link to his book below!


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