Introducing Vinney Chopra's Mini Courses

“Two years ago, I decided to transition from my job to become a Multifamily Investor. At that time, I did not know how I would do it. To this day, I think I may still be there had I not met Vinney. Coaching with Vinney gave me the jumpstart that I needed to close my first deal and quit my job. Today I have invested in 300 units and have another 240 under contact. Vinney takes what seems to be a “10,000 lb gorilla” and breaks it into simple actionable steps. The best part about Vinney is that he leads by example as a true veteran in the field. He has worn every hat. You name it, he has done it.” – Dylan M.

Vinney's One on One Personal Mentorship

Work together one on one with Vinney to design a personalized plan for getting you started with apartment investing and on your path to financial freedom. I want to make you my next success story.

Vinney only accepts a handful of students per year for this program to ensure each student achieves the goals they have set. 

To apply for Vinney's One on One Personal Mentorship please email [email protected] 

The Man Who Started With $7 and Turned It Into Over $300,000,000

- All Thanks to Multifamily Real Estate -

Hear him now.

Vinney has appeared on over 80 top podcasts to share his expertise in Multi-Family Syndication and also has launched his own podcasts. Click below to listen to his philosophies & ideas. Vinney is also an international best seller! Link to his book below!


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