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“Two years ago, I decided to transition from my job to become a Multifamily Investor. At that time, I did not know how I would do it. To this day, I think I may still be there had I not met Vinney. Coaching with Vinney gave me the jumpstart that I needed to close my first deal and quit my job. Today I have invested in 300 units and have another 240 under contact. Vinney takes what seems to be a “10,000 lb gorilla” and breaks it into simple actionable steps. The best part about Vinney is that he leads by example as a true veteran in the field. He has worn every hat. You name it, he has done it.” – Dylan M.

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Multi-Family Syndication: A Step By Step Guide


My exclusive guide to teach you how to create generous wealth through Multifamily Syndication!

$497.00 USD

Vinney's Launch Program


All my courses into one package! This all in one academy will give you all the education you need to put a blast off your multifamily goals! 

Retails Price - $2497

Offer Price - $998

Limited Time Offer


Offer Price - $998

Vinney's Elite Mastermind Mentoring

Learn DIRECTLY from Vinney himself! You’ll get proven information, tactics and techniques, useful templates and tools. This is from a man who has built a multi-million-dollar real estate empire, manages 4 successful companies including Moneil Investment Group, and has a rock-solid reputation for teaching and success. 

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Vinney's One on One Personal Mentorship

Work together one on one with Vinney to design a personalized plan for getting you started with apartment investing and on your path to financial freedom. I want to make you my next success story.

Vinney only accepts a handful of students per year for this program to ensure each student achieves the goals they have set.

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The Man Who Started
With $7 and Turned
It Into Over $300,000,000

Since coming to the U.S. more than 40 years ago with only $7 in his pockets, Vinney Chopra has achieved success in a number of arenas: marketing, motivational speaking and real estate investment, among them.

Despite the trials and tribulations he encountered, Vinney was able to come out the winner. With his passion to help people and his drive to build lasting legacies, Vinney is an example what positive thinking can do to impact one's life and that of others.

- All Thanks to Multifamily Real Estate -

Listen to those who have already been learning from Vinney

Dylan Marma Went from 0 to 700 Units in Multifamuly Syndication within just 15-18 months

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Vinney has appeared on over 80 top podcasts to share his expertise in Multi-Family Syndication and also has launched his own podcasts. Click below to listen to his philosophies & ideas. Vinney is also an international best seller! Link to his book below!



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