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Vinney's Master Deal Analyzer Underwriting Tool Kit

2020 Black Friday

Vinney's Deal Analyzer Underwriting Tool Kit

Enjoy this tool that I've personally created and use on my deals!

Vinney's very sophisticated Acquisition Underwriting that triggers the purchase and helps put the investment packet together for investors so easily (samples and originally provided; an extensive video recording will be provided to keep and practice).

Master Deal Underwriting Modules, you would :

As you watch the course video, please take notes in regards to:

  • The WHAT
  • The WHY
  • The HOW

There are a lot of great Nuggets of Acquisitions and live examples are discussed at various stages in training in this course videos

This is my most extensive tool that is easy to use and will give you:

  • Rent/UnitMix
  • Comprehensive Underwriting
  • Assumptions
  • 5 yr Projections
  • Equity Return on Resale
  • Cash Flow & Returns
  • Acquisition Expenses
  • Partners Cash Flow Distribution.

Remember just like anything else underwriting takes time & consistent effort to achieve results. Very often investors will look at 100 deals to find 1 home run deal to move forward with. Stick with it & get lots of reps!

We hope you get a lot out of this.

Have fun! Happy Underwritings!!


Great underwriting tool!

Willie Smith

This tool is the best I have seen. Vinney gives great explanation and examples on how, why the analyzer tool works so great with the numbers. I like to watch it over and over because I learn something new each time.

Jeannie Greer

I love the underwriting formula very cool... I can do it. I have achieved massive success. I see myself excelling and profitable with much success in the multi family industry.. Thanks to Mr. Vinney Chopra mentorshipship and training...

DeAngelo McBee

Great Stuff Vinney. Very comprehensive. Thank you. Bill Hippe

Bill Hippe

Love this! Such a thorough underwriting tool!