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Vinney's 2022 Group Coaching Mastermind Program


Take a step ahead to accelerate your training in multifamily education which will lead you to Financial Freedom! 

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your first apartment complex, and creating steady streams of passive income, then this program is for you.

What you'll get:

  • The Multifamily Syndication Academy 2022
  • Kick start your business Course
  • Vinney's Deal Analyzer Underwriting toolkit 
  • Other Peoples Money (OPM) Syndication Blueprint Course
  • Investor Credibility Toolkit
  • Multifamily Syndication: A Step By Step Guide
  • Mastering the Materials - Q&A
  • Vinney's Lectures on Focus, Motivation, & Passion
  • Evergreen Mastermind Group Coaching
  • Elite Member Mastermind Sessions
  • Vinney is so passionate Blueprint
  • Youth Academy
  • and so much more!


  • Access to our amazing weekly group coaching mastermind calls
  • Essential and highly effective apartment syndication principles and strategies
  • Learn how to finance your very own real estate investments, even if you have little money or experience
  • Vinney's golden methods to generating profitable results on how to source off­ market deals, networking tactics, and unique relationship-building techniques
  • Learn how to underwrite the right way with Vinney's Comprehensive underwriting tool
  • Syndication tips, advice and the syndicator's ''five spinning plates"
  • The key advantages of investing in multifamily rental properties
  • How to build your own real estate "dream team'' from the ground up
  • How to create 'circles of influence', master elevator pitches, and move past rejection
  • Discovering the 3 types of investors (every great real estate investor needs to know this)
  • Learn the exact strategies Vinney has used to be able to now raise millions of dollars in hours from investors
  • How to pay less in taxes and learn the 100% legal strategies Vinney
  • Learn how to spot HOT real estate trends to be able to buy right and profit
  • How to negotiate with sellers and banks the right way
  • Property management essentials whether you are hiring or starting your own
  • Tips and tricks on how to build our own brand and so much more!


I've been doing real estate and property management for over 20 years. After signing up for the Vinney's mentor program we syndicated and closed two deals within three months totaling over 4.5 million. Vinney gave us his full attention and even invited us into his home for a personal one on one training. In his busy schedule, he always makes the time for you. His passion for life, family, and business success is contagious and is inspiring. Dedicate yourself as a student to master teacher, Vinney. Success will follow!

Brent P.

Two years ago, I decided to transition from my job to become a Multifamily Investor. At that time, I did not know how I would do it. To this day, I think I may still be there had I not met Vinney. Coaching with Vinney gave me the jumpstart that I needed to close my first deal and quit my job. Today I have invested in 300 units and have another 240 under contact. Vinney takes what seems to be a “10,000 lb gorilla” and breaks it into simple actionable steps. The best part about Vinney is that he leads by example as a true veteran in the field. He has worn every hat. You name it, he has done it.

Dylan M.

This is nice course.. thank you vinney.. very needed & very useful.

Ross G

I'm already in 2020 by purchasing this superb course.. thanks Mr. Smiles.

Steve R.