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Vinney is a Multi-Family Syndication Expert- He has put into use many proven creative ideas and skills that he has learnt over time.  Over the past 12 years, he has honed his skills as a Syndicator by doing 26 syndications- 12 of those being in just 2.5 years. He has appeared on many podcasts to share his experience and expert tips from being a Successful Syndicator.

These days he is able to raise $6 million to $8 million dollars for his offerings in the span of a couple days.  He is a Systems guru; and he has designed Systems of Acquisition, Underwriting, Due Diligence, Take Over, PowerPoints, Investors Presentation and Relationship Building, Investor Communications, Syndication and Management of Multi-family Investing. He wants to help YOU achieve Syndication Success by exploring this niche market. He runs 100% SEC Compliant and total Transparent businesses throughout his companies.



 He is very passionate about this tremendous niche in the market place---called Multi-Family Syndication Investing. His companies have controlled over $200 million in Multi-Family. Vinney loves to see other investors become successful syndicators like him and live a great life. He emphasizes that the “Syndication business is not easy” and is not for someone who cannot give 200% to learn the real foundations and techniques and practice them. One needs to have a burning desire and passionate attitude to win in this game. He believes that if one pays a little to purchase some course; one is more committed to excel and puts forth more efforts. It’s 80% passion to excel, having an unwavering attitude, desire and solid hard work to reach Success in Syndication



Vinney shares his immense knowledge and no-fluff straight to action oriented techniques. He wants to motivate you to suceed. Vinney shares all his MASTER UNDERWRITING DETAILED Worksheets, Templates and Needed Forms for Acquisitions, Due Diligence Pitfalls of Failures, Elevator Pitches, Networking Techniques with Brokers, Legal, Lenders, Banks, Investors and Team Members. How to Get Off-Market Deals, How to Get Local Banks Financing, Syndication Materials, His Team of Virtual Assistants around the Globe and his Day-To-Day Shadowing Programs in giving Close look into Daily Operations of Managing the Assets at Peak Performance with Value Adds and Systems Execution And much more..



During this course you will learn:

  • What are emerging markets and how to find them; why this is the "Key" to success in Syndicating

  • Why you should invest in multi-family, how you can elevate your thinking and style

  • What is the ideal asset type to purchase; where to buy and build strong teams and formulate "Systems". Hire Virtual Assistants around the globe

  • The blueprint for syndicating capital from private investors; How and where to find them, relationship building and Systems to scale up

  • How to find and attract investors for your deals; How to get 100% of the committed funds wired to your LLC bank account all the time for timely closes. How to nurture investors through proven systems

  • What SEC regulations you should be aware of when syndicating capital; How to run a totally transparent Business and have the Legal professionals guidance

  • How a seasoned investor underwrites a deal; Pitfalls of compromise, how to find the "Golden Opportunities". Why it is crucial for your progress and acceleration of growth 

  • How much money you can earn from a typical deal; how to pay gratitute to Valued Investors, Remarkable Residents, Professional Team Members and Family Members

  • How to manage the acquired assets to "Bring about the NEEDED QUARTERLY CASH FLOW RETURNS" for the investors. This is the most crucial aspect of the Syndication Process. The life linethe to growth of your business


  • ASK US about our Unique On-Hands in the Field-Shadowing and Training Programs offered for the very Motivated Students. You will learn the practical tricks, procedures and skills in Turbo Mode to implement right away to be successful


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