Vinney's Elite Comprehensive Training Program

For truly committed students who want to learn about Multi-Family Syndication through exclusive group Training with a small group of other students. 10 weeks of Wednesday zoom group sessions, each session is 90-120 minutes & he expects you to prepare for each session by sending 3-5 of your most important talk points/questions you have prior to the Video call. Spending a few hours with Vinney is more than enough time for you to cover all of the fundamentals of the business to truly give you a strong foundation to build on.

You will also receive all of the exact documents, spreadsheets, templates, forms, videos that Vinney uses so you are able to emulate Vinney's systems that have been proven & tested for the last decade. As exciting as this is, Vinney's time is limited & he is only able to work with 5 coaching students at a time. 

Vinney is offering the following at the present (rates will increase as I focus more on retirement):

Elite Training for $2,997            All courses + 10 weeks of Exclusive InnerCircle Group Wednesday training 


Picture & imagine you closing on your next deal.. Remember this business is never a lack of resources, rather a lack of resourcefulness If you are able to come aboard your team you will be learning proven & tested strategies allowing you to achieve success while avoiding any costly mistakes. 

Outline of the Materials that will be covered in the Training:

This course will include-

1.   Vinney's Video- lectures that define the Multifamily systems structures, terms, knowledge, analysis, qualifying, business plan, Investor presentations, Elevator pitches, Relationship building with Brokers, Investors and team members and philosophies from the beginning to successfully closing the deals.

2.  Vinney's Tried and True methods that bring results in buying off-market deals, networking, campaigns, and relationships techniques.

3.  Vinney's very Detailed and Sophisticated Acquisition Underwriting Tool that triggers the purchase and help put the investment packet together for investors so easily (samples and originally provided; an extensive video recording is also provided to keep and practice with).  

4.  Vinney's Elevator Pitches, Brochures, Due Diligence Lists, Asset Take-Over Lists, all the necessary forms needed to Crush it!!

5.  Vinney's proven systems to get good investors and how to build relationships. Where to find investors, All systems of transparency and communications. Investor Recorded meetings and the PowerPoints to emulate.

6.  A Multifamily Management software introduction training, and what it takes to run a smooth operation. Vinney's Company manages all their acquisitions.

7.  A look into Vinney's Champion Accounting Department and their crucial role. This is the Heart of the Operation for any Business. CASH FLOW IS KING!!

8.  Digital Marketing methods and Tools that make MONEIL COMMUNITIES and MONEIL Investments become a great member of their local communities. How to set up Preferred Vendors and get better quotes and services.

9.  Lenders, Attorneys, Entity structures, Syndications, virtual Assistants and much much more.... all contact info and their vital roles.

10.  How to structure a Powerful Team to put it all together. This is so crucial, as the success and the growth of your business highly depends of this

11.  Vinney's " Focus & Motivation" Lectures. These are so timely to keep you focussed and motivated. Taking Massive action brings Peak RESULTS!!

12.  For the students who can meet Vinney at his assets, to let them observe Vinney's operation up-close.

13.  Vinney to provide numerous professionally designed templates, graphs, booklets, forms, templates, brochures forms and lot more. Nothing is held back. Vinney and His Teams want you to SUCCEED and Teach others!!

14.  All these materials will be taught online, through telephone calls, Face times, and ZOOM video conferencing for the hours of GROUP training purchased. The sessions are recorded LIVE and a link is sent back to you to follow up and learn more. VINNEY'S OTHER 8 WEEK COURSES RECORDED SESSIONS. 

15.  Vinney is continuously recording more lectures on lot more topics, They are added to the Multifamily Syndication Academy AS SOON AS THEY GET READY.

16.  Lifetime access to all documents, systems, tools & lectures.



Contact: VINNEY OR HIS TEAM AT (925) 766-3518 OR VINNEY@MONEILIG.COM IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN INTERVIEWING FOR ELITE TRAINING PACKAGE. (Remember he is looking for students that are truly committed to achieving results in this business and are motivated to WIN!!!)


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